Manage logbook or better 1-percent rule?

The news magazine "FOCUS" offers on its web-presence an online calculation tool on the tax classification of car businesses. The tool compares the single statement of a logbook with the 1-percent-rule . Logbook or 1-percent rule

Validity of foreign VAT numbers

The service of the Federal Office of Finance checks online the validity of foreign tax identification numbers. If the requested VAT ID is valid, there is the chance of a qualifying request with details of name/legal form, town, postcode and street/house number of the foreign company.

Examination of account numbers

With the account numbers testing system, it is possible to examine any blank for plausibility quick and online. Other interesting tools on the page: euro calculator, search of bank and bank code.

Software for accountants, auditors, lawyers and their clients

Plan with the holistic and modular enterprise software "DATEV" and organize your HR, your ERP or your accounting.

German Association of Tax Advisers

An excerpt from the website: "The German Association of Tax Advisers (DSTV) represents the peak organization since 1975, the members of the accounting professions in the Federal Republic of Germany. The DStV has 15 member associations. In them, among other accountants, tax agents, auditors, chartered accountants and professional societies joined voluntarily.“

Strong online legal advice

From my perspective, for sound legal advice there is a need for a savvy expert and a personal interview. But who wants a quick survey-like legal advice for coarse classification of legal questions, is in good hands with According to Handelsblatt, the provider is "unrivaled in the field of online legal services" in Germany.

Interesting and worth to know

Useful abbreviations

The abbreviation diversity on the internet, but also in everyday parlance, have hardly any limits. You can keep track of things with the handy online abbreviation dictionary, which usually provides discrete and quick assistance.

Business books in a short overview

Represent the essence of the business book in about ten minutes: this is the power of "getAbstract". The page provides responsible decision makers around the world with the latest business information. This highly compressed form of information is offered in five-page abstracts in PDF-format. The publications are available in four languages: English, German, Spanish and Chinese. The service is with cost; two such "abstracts" are offered to start off as a non-binding gift.

Quickly find the right itinerary

Many cars now have a permanently installed or portable navigation device. For those who need quickly or even prefer a clean map: the navigation device of Falk provides the directions exemplory. A similar offer presents the website

Clear information about Deutsche Bahn

The travel and price overview of Deutsche Bahn has become very complicated. A simple way of finding your dates on the web provides the clear webpage The query works with start and destination, date and time. Price lists and other useful details are issued.

Regional & Local

The main-franconian business portal of the chambers of commerce (IHK)

The center collects data concerning industry and trade in main-franconia. The side of the IHK Wuerzburg is the regional portal for entrepreneurs.

Franconian event tips and more

The page reports daily on events, cultural events and attractions in beautiful Franconia.

Portal around Wuerzburg and county

Portal for tips, current data and much infotainment around the university town and the district of Wuerzburg.