Wealth Management

„It is better to reflect on investments one day a month, than to work 30 days!“ (John Davsion Rockefeller, 1839 - 1937, American entrepreneur)

This is not about making our clients speculators or the principle to criticize work, quite the opposite. One thing is certain - and documents our historical quote - that a considerable fortune in age is made of intelligent steps in the economically active age. The bricks of a sound asset planning follow a simple set of principals, but they are always tailored to individuals or business.

We are happy to present our services in an overview:

Asset planning

  • Review your investment position
  • Review your liquidity status
  • Guide: How to disencumber in the next few years?
  • Guide: How do my assets develop in the upcoming years?

Retirement planning

  • Supply Gap Calculation
  • Guide: Planning the supply in retirement
  • Guide: Protection for incapacity
  • Guide: Medical Care
  • Guide: Securing my family in case of death

Risk planning

  • Independent: Our critical insurance check
  • Independent: Guide financing check
  • Current yield calculations concerning your assets
  • Guide: Possible eradication gaps in financing
  • Risk analysis: Security of investments

Generation planning

  • Location determination
  • Balance: Legal Succession <> Wish of Succession
  • Guide: Inheritance Tax burden in case of death

Private generation planning

  • Control optimal design of my heritage

Corporate Planning

  • Assurance of succession